Tornado Claim Adjusters

We look at details

Review “damage repair estimate’’ given by insurance company


Documentation of damage to property

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, or mediation to achieve maximum coverage


We work for you

Tornado damage, typically covered under wind damage, combines dangerous high-speed winds and no warning for a devastating disaster. While your property may be covered for tornado damage by your insurance company, it may be complicated to get the compensation for the damage you deserve. Your insurance may undervalue your damaged property or the cost of repairs, leaving you with costs that they will not cover. With proper representation, we can guarantee you can get the money you deserve to rebuild your property.

Tornado Claim Tips

Before beginning the process of cleaning up, document and photograph all damage to your property. Check for damage to the foundation, water, and electrical systems.  

When to seek help with your Tornado Damage claim?

Seek help if the insurance company asks for documentation like “Proof of Loss” or “Examination under Oath”, or if you are trying to understand your rights and options to rebuild, demolish, or receive a cash payout.

Take charge of the Tornado Damage insurance claim process

A tornado disaster means insurance companies hire inexperienced and untrained adjusters who will not properly value your property. Take charge with a public adjuster who will ensure proper representation.

Why do you need a Tornado Damage Claim Adjuster?

A Claim Adjuster will ensure that you receive an advance for temporary repairs and ultimately the largest final settlement you are entitled to rebuild your property.

Do not hesitate to seek assistance from Munra public adjusters today!

We look at details

Assess the damage and review under which policy to file the claim.


Document damage and help advocate for new roof, repair interior damages, and any fences, sheds or other structures on your property.

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal to achieve maximum coverage for your damages.

Why Munra?

Munra combines 14 years of experience from a talented team to provide you with exceptional service. With our ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ policy, we evaluate your claim for free and don’t get paid unless you do. Our aggressive approach lets us deal with the insurance company to give you the coverage you deserve.