Theft Insurance Claim

We look at details

Assess and document extent of damage and stolen goods


Aid in value assessment and filing claim

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal to achieve maximum coverage


We work for you

Your peace of mind, something priceless, has been stolen and you must now work to understand your insurance and attempt to record the value of your personal items. Our public adjusters can be with you every step of the way, from the first filing with your insurance to the final payout. You will have someone on your side to insist on a fair evaluation of the value of your stolen property and secure a satisfactory settlement on your behalf.

Theft Claim Tips

After you have secured the safety of your family, first call the police. Make sure to receive a copy of the police report with all the stolen items included in the report. For your insurance claim, you must know the value of what was stolen. Valuable jewelry should be insured individually as it may not be covered under homeowner’s insurance .

When to seek help with your theft claim?

Seek help after calling the police so that public adjusters can help and ensure that the claim is filed properly with proper documentation.

Take charge of the theft insurance claim process

You can receive the coverage you deserve with proper representation so that you can recover from the losses of this stressful time.

Why do you need a theft Claim Adjuster?

We will make sure to correctly and fairly estimate the value of the stolen items. A claim adjuster will make sure that you are compensated the value you deserve.

Do not hesitate to seek assistance from Munra public adjusters today!

We look at details

Assess the damage and review under which policy to file the claim.


Document damage and help advocate for new roof, repair interior damages, and any fences, sheds or other structures on your property.

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal to achieve maximum coverage for your damages.

Why Munra?

Munra combines 14 years of experience from a talented team to provide you with exceptional service. With our ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ policy, we evaluate your claim for free and don’t get paid unless you do. Our aggressive approach lets us deal with the insurance company to give you the coverage you deserve.