Sinkhole adjusters

We look at details

Review “damage repair estimate’’ given by your insurance company


Documentation of the damage(s) to the property

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, or mediation to achieve maximum coverage


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Florida’s unique geography of a limestone bedrock makes us more susceptible to sinkholes. The sudden disappearance of the ground under your home may be catastrophic but sinkholes can also develop slowly, with the damage appearing slowly over time. In either case, the priority is to ensure that your insurance can help you repair the damage to your home. With proper representation, we can make that happen. Our expertise will lead to full coverage and guidance on proper protocol when repairing your home.

Sinkhole Claim Tips

Keep a close eye on the initial signs of a sinkhole on your property: cracking on the walls, floor, or driveway of your property or water damage and pools of water in the yard.

When to seek help with your Sinkhole claim?

If you have not received fair coverage or do not believe that the insurance has covered the full scope of damage on your property. Seek help immediately if a large sinkhole has destroyed your property.

Take charge of the Sinkhole insurance claim process

Do not wait, contact the insurance company promptly. Document correlation between sinkhole and damage and ensure sinkhole repair is being done properly.

Why do you need a Sinkhole Claim Adjuster?

A sinkhole claim adjuster can ensure that you receive fair compensation on the damage received on your property. We can help assure you follow the more difficult repair protocols and do our own tests to evaluate the presence of a sink hole.

Do not hesitate to seek assistance from Munra public adjusters today!

We look at details

Assess the damage and review under which policy to file the claim.


Document damage and help advocate for new roof, repair interior damages, and any fences, sheds or other structures on your property.

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal to achieve maximum coverage for your damages.

Why Munra?

Munra combines 14 years of experience from a talented team to provide you with exceptional service. With our ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ policy, we evaluate your claim for free and don’t get paid unless you do. Our aggressive approach lets us deal with the insurance company to give you the coverage you deserve.