Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

Insurance companies have adjusters who assess the appropriate settlement amount for insurance policyholders. They are bound by the terms of the policy to give the appropriate compensation to their customers. Their judgment, however, will inevitably be subjective and in favor of the insurance company.

Public adjusters, in contrast, are representatives of the insurance policyholders. They gather proof of the damage and other relevant materials that will strengthen a customer’s insurance claim. Public adjusters know the insurance claims process by heart, and the more experienced professionals know how to turn things in favor of the customers.

When should I hire a Public Adjuster?

You should call a public insurance adjuster anytime you’re considering claiming a payout from your home insurance provider. If anything, he or she can give you an unbiased second opinion on the validity of your insurance claims and the amount you’re entitled to receive. Public adjusters are a great help if your insurance company has a history of shortchanging its customers.

What should I look for in a Public Adjuster?

Anyone can say that they provide claims adjustment services, but not all of them might be licensed to do it. To be safe, and to ensure that your insurance claims will be accepted by your insurance company and the court, hire only a licensed and bonded public adjuster. If you don’t know one, ask the people you trust for recommendations.

How much does a Public Adjuster’s services cost?

Public adjusters take a percentage of the settlement as the fee for their services. The exact number varies per service provider, but take note that Florida caps the fee to 20% for new, re-opened, and supplemental claims. The price goes down to 10% max for claims filed within the first year after the date of loss or damage due to events that are declared emergencies by the Governor’s office. The cap reverts to 20% from the second year onwards.

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