We look at details

Assess the damage from the fire and smoke and join initial inspection with insurance


Aid in evidence and recorded statements of proof of loss

Reach effective settlement

Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, or mediation to achieve maximum coverage

We work for you

Fire, whether in a home or commercial property, can cause destruction on any scale. The visible damage of ruined furniture and building, as well as the invisible damage from smoke, can impose a huge cost and strain on you. Your insurance policy could lead to full coverage of the damage but you may receive only a small payout.


With help from a fire damage claim adjuster, who will push for full compensation, you can rebuild and recover with the coverage you deserve.

Fire insurance Claim Tips



Compile information on insurance policy and the damage to personal property, and document all communications with insurance company.

As well as negotiate any additional living expenses incurred or needed to finish the construction process. 

When to seek help with your Hurricane claim 


Seek help soon after a fire or when you receive notification that the insurance company has started to work on your claim, requires any information on losses or when the claim has been ruled suspicious.

Take charge of the Hurricane insurance claim process


You should be in control over the decisions on your home, possessions, and fire insurance claim, not the claim adjuster from your insurance company. It is never too early to connect with a public adjuster.

Why do you need a Hurricane Claim Adjuster?


A Fire Damage Adjuster can maximize the coverage from your insurance company and ensure a full insurance payout, guaranteeing a fast and accurate settlement where you take charge of the process.

Do not hesitate to seek assistance from Munra public adjuster today!


After discovering damage from Hurricane Irma or after being denied assistance, seek help from Munra Public Adjusters.

We will decide on whether your old claim was unjustly denied or if you have damage to make a new claim. We will then assist in completing the claim and litigating with the insurance company so you receive the fair coverage.

You can receive a payment in your hands or have a new roof constructed, paid for by the insurance.
Call before September 9, 2020!

 We look at details


Assess the damage from the hurricane and review under which policy to file the claim.



Document damage and help advocate for new roof, repair interior damages, and any fences, sheds or other structures on your property.

 Reach effective settlement


Engage in negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal to achieve maximum coverage for your damages.

 We work for you


While you may be experienced in preparing for and rebuilding after a hurricane or tropical storm, you might need help to get the coverage you deserve from your insurance company after a catastrophic event. We can help in securing you the aid you need, reviewing your policy and following through with the claim so that you get the aid you need to rebuild your home. It is never too late to seek assistance..

Why Munra?

Munra combines 14 years of experience from a talented team to provide you with exceptional service. With our ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ policy, we evaluate your claim for free and don’t get paid unless you do. Our aggressive approach lets us deal with the insurance company to give you the coverage you deserve.

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