Why Clients Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Us

1. Economic Reasons

Munra collects only a small percentage of the insurance’s negotiated compensation settlements.

We operate according to a No Recovery, No Fee policy. We do not get paid unless you do.

2. Range and Specificity of Services (as may be required per claim)

Property Insurance Compensation Assistance

Mitigation Options- from insurance or separate company of your choice.

Roof Tile Discontinuation Test: The discontinuation of roof tiles is a common practice in the market. Since tiles sometimes become obsolete or are discontinued, new, non-matching tiles will probably not interlock with the older designs. Damaged, improper or missing tiles may entitle you to a complete roofing makeover.

2. Personal Experience

Munra public adjusters have a combined 13+ years of experience in the field.

3. Operational Reasons

Policyholders get immediate assessment and damage mitigation (services provided to avoid ongoing damage and further loss to property) at no up-front cost whatsoever.


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