Our Services

Munra Specializes In....

  • Adjustment of a residential dwelling or a commercial building
  • Policy review assistance with our clients
  • Adjustment of damages to personal business properties
  • Damage mitigation - We can recommend mitigation companies to prevent further damage to the property
  • Insurance company check mortgage process assistance
  • We work with litigation attorneys in case the need arises to sue the insurance company

Most Common Damage Claims

  • Water: Flooding, Roof Leak, Kitchen Leak, Bathroom Leak, AC leak, Broken Drain Pipes, Supply Line Breaks, Shower Pan Leaks
  • Hurricane
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Fire or Smoke
  • Theft or Vandalism
  • Loss of Use or additional living expenses
  • Business Interruption/Loss of Business

Simplified Service Timeline

This simplified timeline to the claim procedure will enable you to mentally build an immediate framework to our scope of service.
  • 1. Initial visit
  • 2. Prepare Estimate of Damages
  • 3. Initial inspection with the insurance
  • 4. Possible proof of loss and/or recorded statement call
  • 5. Negotiation, re-inspection, mediation, or appraisal meeting
  • 5. Settlement
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