Choose a public adjuster who can help you

get the maximum settlement.

As a homeowner, you want to make the most of the financial protection afforded to you by your insurance company against losses or damage to your home. After all, they promised you peace of mind with the assurance that you’ll receive compensation for damage incurred due to perils covered in your policy.

It should be easy then to file a claim when your house is struck by calamity. Unfortunately, the process can be complicated, and it doesn’t help that insurance companies, by nature, will avoid giving you the maximum settlement you deserve.

As a public adjuster for residential property insurance claims, we can help you become the winner in this situation. We negotiate for the maximum fair settlement for our clients with skills sharpened by 13+ years of experience.



Water Damage
Roof Damage
Wind Damage
Fire or Smoke

We do Honest and Transparent Work

It’s important for us to establish transparency and build a trusting relationship with you. As your public adjuster, we will need all the information that can help us negotiate the maximum settlement for your homeowner insurance claim. We invite clients to stay involved. We will take care of the details, but for your peace of mind, you’re welcome to ask questions about our method.

Our Service Process

  • We visit your property and assess the possibility of a claim (for free).

  • We prepare an estimate of repair costs.
  • We inspect your home with an insurance company representative.
  • Depending on the amount of the compensation your insurance company offers, we will proceed with the negotiation or conduct a re-inspection, mediation, and appraisal meeting.
  • We finalize the settlement and release of your payment.

Residential property insurance claims usually take up to 60 days to settle. It will be another three years before you can re-open a claim, so choose our experienced and capable homeowner claims adjusters to represent you.

Miami’s Choice Public Insurance Adjuster

Claim your FREE initial inspection with our public adjusters today.

For more than a decade, Munra Public Adjusters has helped Miami homeowners enjoy the benefits of their home insurance policies to the fullest. It is mainly through word-of-mouth that our company has grown to be what it is today: a trustworthy institution known for helping clients receive a fair settlement on their insurance claims.

We don’t charge an upfront fee. In fact, we only receive our fee when you get paid. It’s an assurance we offer to our clients in good faith.

Rafael Munoz
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